(earbuds in if you have them, lots of instrumental detail in this song)

"WHERE YOU ARE" Music Video

from new album "IF ALL ELSE FAILS"

by Stuart Todd Whitworth 

The album “If All Else Fails” took 8 years, 3 months, and 5 days to record… it was an incredibly extensive production—in addition to a full band there is a small orchestra of violins, violas, and cellos on all 16 songs, and other various orchestral instrumentation including glockenspiel & and a live harp player.

A couple of years into the recording process when it became clear just how long the album was going to take, it seemed fitting to release "If All Else Fails" in an unconventional, distinctive & novel fashion—the delivery and audience experience of this album called for something creative and unique.

So first, an incredibly talented graphic artist was hired to design the album cover.  Her cover art concept was so interesting, imaginative & beautiful that a handful of additional artists, of various visual art mediums, were then brought on to dream up their own versions of that cover art concept.  The resulting curated collection of gorgeous artwork deserved an appropriately stunning & elegant presentation: a tactile artistry-infused hardcover book encasing the CD and download card, which both contain all 16 songs of the album.  The art creation was filmed over a period of 7 years, and pieced together as the music video for the song "Where You Are".

An overwhelming amount of heart & soul, blood, sweat & tears went into the songwriting, arranging, recording, and production of the 16 songs on the album "If All Else Fails" as well as the creation of the final physical product filled with so much amazing and imaginative visual artwork. We hope you enjoy it!

"Piano keys, seemingly made of gold, circle like sharks preparing to go in for the kill" - HOLLYWOOD DIGEST

"I can honestly say that it's a homerun" - INDIEPULSE MUSIC

"Whitworth has a place in my heart after hearing this release, and once you check it out for yourself, I think you are going to feel the same" - MUSIC EXISTENCE

"I would be lying if I said that I wasn't in love with the musical moxie Stuart Todd Whitworth is bringing to the table in IF ALL ELSE FAILS" - SKOPEMAG.COM

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